Stuntman who worked on ‘Avengers’ and ‘Black Panther’ dies with three of his children in car crash

A stuntman best known for his work in Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and Black Panther has died in a car accident that also claimed the lives of three of his children.

Tragic reports state that Taraja Ramsess, 41, and his kids were involved in a collision in Georgia shortly before midnight on Halloween. The vehicle the family were traveling in is said to have struck a tractor trailer that had broken down in the left lane of an exit off the interstate.

Ramsess’ death was revealed by his mother, Akili Ramsess, who took to Instagram to confirm the devastating news.

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Akili wrote that two of Ramsess’ daughters had survived the car crash, while his 10-year-old son Kisasi was taken to hospital and placed on life support. Sadly, Kisasi later succumbed to his injuries.

“My beautiful, loving, talented son Taraja @chop.saki, along with two of my grand babies, his 13 yo daughter Sundari and his 8-week old newborn daughter Fujibo, were killed the previous night in a horrific traffic accident,” Akili’s first post read.

Providing a later update, she added: “Kisasi Adebayo joins his father Taraja @chop.saki and sisters Sundari and Fujibo on their journey. May God bless all their souls. You all will be missed. 😔“

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A post shared by Akili Ramsess (@eyeakili)

In addition to the aforementioned Marvel projects Taraja had worked on, his stunt work was also featured in “Avengers: Infinity War,” “The Suicide Squad,” and “Atlanta”, among others.

Popular director Ava DuVernay, who was a friend of the stuntfman’s, posted about his loss.

“My goodness, did he love his children. A happy, whole love. Beautiful to behold,” she wrote. “He loved making movies and TV too. Held many positions over the years. Immersing himself in all aspects of the craft.”

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A post shared by Akili Ramsess (@eyeakili)

She added: “I remember one day on set, we didn’t have enough Black background actors for a key scene. I had to recruit my crew members to be on-camera. Taraja was the first to say yes. Yes, I’ll do my real job and then jump into this wild scene playing a tough guy with a gun for you. From there — everyone else said yes too. He was that kind of person. A leader. A light.”

Rest in peace to all those who lost their lives in this terrible accident.

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