‘Justice Prevailed’: Inside Kevin Costner’s Battle With Ex Who Cried Asking For $248K After ‘Robbing’ Him • Writical


‘Justice Prevailed’: Inside Kevin Costner’s Battle with Ex Who Cried Asking For $248K after ‘Robbing’ Him


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Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce from the famous actor Kevin Costner on May 1, 2023, after being married to him for 18 years.

The “Yellowstone” singer said in July 2023 that the former handbag designer mismanages his money. She allegedly used credit cards to withdraw money from the workers who ran their family home and purchase personal stuff.

The actor’s attorney feels there is evidence that the celebrity’s wife planned it long before the divorce was filed.

On July 13, 2023, Costner filed filings stating that in the months leading up to and following their divorce, his wife had “a disturbing proclivity” to seize his possessions without his approval or knowledge. The actor also claimed that the mother of three purchased an expensive car months before their divorce.

The celebrity stated it was an odd move because they had always leased automobiles rather than buying them. The former couple’s prenuptial agreement purportedly stated that if Baumgartner divorced, she could keep her personal automobile.

The former designer is also said to have a list of items she intends to bring with her, including artwork, pots, and pans.

Costner’s attorney, who claimed his client’s wife is “robbing him blind,” pointed out that his client’s wife has plenty of money to buy the things she wants with the $1.5 million lump sum the actor has already paid her.

According to the new documents, the lawyer requested Baumgartner to agree not to steal anything from the residence before leaving, but she refused to sign.

Court filings revealed in June 2023 that the couple’s family accountant sent her the 2022 income and expense report to help her achieve her aim of getting Costner to pay $248,000 per month in child support.

According to reports, the actor’s estranged wife recognizes their lifestyle is “extraordinary” and respects their blessings to live that way. She believes that providing a warm and happy home for their children, as well as teaching them gratitude and family values, is critical.

According to the guidelines, Baumgartner’s husband’s child support in 2022 will be $152,681 per month. However, in order to keep their children’s lifestyle, the actor must pay $332,264 every month, which is 60% of what their family spent.

According to the former designer, the cash will still be less than what is required to provide the children with the lifestyle they are accustomed to. As a result, she is seeking the court to order Costner to pay her $248,000 monthly. Baumgartner sobbed during testimony during a recent court appearance.

On August 31, 2023, Costner and Baumgartner appeared in a Santa Barbara court for a child support hearing. At one occasion, the latter was queried about the actor’s ranch in Aspen, Colorado, where their children spent their summers.

When asked about it, the star’s estranged wife reportedly began crying and sought for a tissue, according to a witness. She became so distraught that she had to take a 30-second break before the judge ordered a five-minute break.

According to the insider, Costner responded by sipping water and staring at his wife without averting his sight. During the court, Baumgartner’s lawyer, John Rydell, stated that lavish lifestyle is “in their [the children’s] DNA at this point.”

He then talked about the family’s houses and the sports they liked. Baumgartner became upset while presenting photo evidence, telling the court, “It’s so much more than this — it’s an experience,” but things didn’t work out for her.

Speaking to the press after the judge ruled in his favor in the child support matter, Costner noted how there is “no winner” between him and his wife since they’d been together for so long. He felt life unraveled quickly; one minute, you are at the top, and the next, you’re vulnerable.

The actor believes he and Baumgartner will be able to figure out co-parenting because she is a “incredible mom.” His monthly child support payments will not be increased, and the new sum will be $63,209 per month.

The star recognizes that he has duties that he cannot escape, but what he wants to do is figure out how to spend more time with the children to help them cope with the divorce, with one fan responding to an article congratulating him on his success by saying:

A reader’s comment on Kevin Costner winning in the child support battle with his wife, Christine Baumgartner, on September 2, 2023 | Source: Facebook/Daily Mail

Another person celebrated Costner’s win on Facebook, noting how “glad” they were that the “Gold Digger” didn’t get what she was trying to get. A Daily Mail reader felt it must’ve been difficult for Baumgartner to “recognize her own stupidity.”

The person felt the Costner’s ex gave up living lavishly for nothing as he wasn’t cheating but working to keep her and their children’s lifestyle the same, while someone else wrote, “I am grateful justice prevailed for him.”

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