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Deidre Hall, 75, from ‘Days of Our Lives’ is a proud mother of 2 after years of infertility


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On Days of Our Lives, Deidre Hall is best remembered for her enduring performance as Dr. Marlena Evans. She has always had my undying love since I think she is a wonderful mother, lady, and actor.

But the majority of us were unaware of the unconventional methods this adored actress used to ultimately fulfill her motherhood goals when she was 45 years old.

Hall’s two sons now appear distinct from one another as adults and have grown up.

Days of Our Lives (1965) fans adored Hall’s character for years, and she has played Dr. Marlena Evans for more than 40 years. She is regarded by many experts as one of the greatest television actors ever.

For instance, she won the 1994 America Women in Radio and Television (AWRT) Award for Outstanding Television Role Model. In 1982-1985 and 1995, she also received five Soap Opera Digest Best Actress Awards.

Actress Frances Reid served as Hall’s mentor while she developed her acting career. Hall’s former co-star on the show, Reid, served as a mentor to the younger star beginning at the age of 29. Reid passed away in 2010, capping an incredible 34 years of their friendship.

Hall continues to praise her former mentor. When her buddy passed away in 2010, she went to a memorial service for her.

Hall also received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television for her outstanding performing success at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, on May 19, 2016, thanks to Reid’s guidance and the actress’s own skills.

She has also made appearances as a guest star on television programs like Night of 100 Stars II (1985), 20/20, and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962), all of which featured the birth of her surrogate son.

Hall’s career was taking off, and she was granted a job as a celebrity spokesperson for the Hallmark Company and their To Kids with Love card line.

A year later, Hall was named Dexatrim’s spokesperson. She received praise for her wardrobe decisions and multiple “Best Dress Lady” designations.

The celebrity, who is now 75, recently uploaded a photo to Instagram showing herself posing outside with a rainbow in the sky behind her.

Positive comments from her admirers numbering in the hundreds of thousands flooded the section.

Her personal life has also kept the actress content and healthy for many years.

Hall, who was married four times, tried getting pregnant twice. Eventually, she had to go through several cycles of artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, and surgery. Her physical, mental, and emotional well-being were all impacted by the surgeries.

She and author Steve Sohmer decided to pursue a different route to having kids in their third marriage. David Sohmer, their first child, was born to Robin, their surrogate, in August 1992. Soon later, Robin once again served as their surrogate for the birth of their second child, Tully Sohmer.

Hall described her experience with infertility in the made-for-TV film Never Say Never: The Deidre Hall Story in 1995.

She described the portrayal of David’s birth as the “most scary part” of her role as herself.

One of the celebrity’s closest friends was passing away in the hospital as David was being born via surrogate. These scenes were “extremely difficult, emotional times” to film, according to Hall. During filming, she was forced to relive her experience with infertility.

Despite these difficulties, Hall eventually received her two children. Even now, she maintains a tight relationship with both of them and frequently shares photos of them on Instagram.

Hall never expressed remorse for her previous relationships after her numerous marriages. Hall responded, “No, no interest,” when asked if she had any intention of getting married again.

Hall described how her entire life had gone and how content she was with the outcome. In 2019, she declared, “It’s the best time ever.

“My kids and my family are in good shape. I’m healthy. I do a job that I love. I have people, and a home that I adore, a garden that I like growing. It doesn’t get any better, and I’m beyond grateful,” she affirmed.

Thanks for all the memories over the years, Deidre! You are still a very beautiful vibrant, and talented actress!

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