General Hospital Spoilers: TJ & Molly’s Surrogate Turns Crazy?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers hint that a new character is set to debut the week of August 14th. Actress Lily Anne Harrison will enter storylines, playing Andrea Gates, and she’s set to become TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) and Molly Lansing-Davis’s (Brooke Anne Smith) surrogate. She’ll meet the couple that week, and her sweet personality and warm heart will win the two over.
But is disaster looming on the horizon?

General Hospital Spoilers – It’s The Good Ones We All Have To Watch Out For

GH spoilers imply that Gates will bond with Molly and TJ from the get-go. Sounds like the first meeting will go well, and the three will decide to move forward with a surrogacy agreement.

During a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest (SOD), Ms. Harrison, who also happens to be the daughter of Gregory Harrison, who plays Gregory Chase on the show, revealed that she first auditioned for a far sinister character; however, the daytime drama’s producers wanted her for a “warmer” role.

Is it because Andrea will get up being a “good” character or should fans gear up for a massive swerve?

GH Spoilers – The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Storyline
It’s been mentioned multiple times that TJ will be using his sperm with a donated egg. While Molly won’t be their child’s biological mother, she’ll be a mom to the baby in every other sense.

Still, Andrea carrying the couple’s child could get complicated. She may not only get attached to the baby growing in her body, but she may also develop an infatuation with Ashford.

It would be hard not to; after all, he’s handsome, smart, and sweet. Then again, maybe Ms. Gates isn’t as “nice” as she first presented herself as.

She could be manipulative, or even mentally unstable. There’s a possibility she’ll try and oust Molly out of the equation and hope that she can keep TJ and the baby all to herself.

Then again, the arc could take an awful twist where she kidnaps Molly and Ashford’s baby and goes on the run.

Will Andrea Gates be “sweet” or is she really evil? Share your thoughts, below!

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