Michael Bublé says son’s cancer diagnosis changed him ”in a big way”

Michael Bublé claims that his son’s battle with the uncommon liver cancer hepatoblastoma cost him his “alter-ego.”

The 47-year-old singer claimed he was “changed” when his now-9-year-old son Noah was given a cancer diagnosis when he was just three years old.

Michael is married to Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato with whom he has four children. One of these children, Noah, suffered from liver cancer but he is fortunately recovered from it.

Buble chatted with host Pablo Motos about his appearance on the Spanish television program “El Hormiguero.”

They discussed Michael’s family and his wonderful marriage. Argentine actress Luciana Lopilato gave birth to three children with Buble.

However, Noah has recovered from his illness and he is currently in good health.

Buble thanked everybody who prayed for his son as he broke down in tears for the difficult moment his family had to go through.

Michael also revealed how Noah was the mind behind the main theme from the album. As it turns out, his son also inherited the musical talents from his father.

On Noah’s eight birthday, Bublé shared an emotional post on Instagram, writing, “Today my hero turns 8. I’ve never met anyone as brave… I’ve never known anyone as kind or as good-hearted… and I’ll never truly be able to express how proud I am, or how deep and profound Mommy’s and my love is for you. You’ve blessed our lives in every way.”

He said: ‘I’ve been through a lot, obviously. When I made the last record [in 2018], my son had just been in remission and I wasn’t ready to come back,’ he explained.

‘I didn’t know that at the time but, mentally, I was so unstable and vulnerable. I made a safe record with producers I liked and I just tried to protect myself and hold on to a career.

‘But I feel really good now and I was raring to go — like this great weight had been lifted off me. My son was healthy, my kids and my wife were good, life is good. Why wouldn’t I just explode wanting to make an incredible record?’ he said.

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