After being told not to sing about Jesus, Vince Gill steps on stage and belts out popular gospel

It was expected that Vince Gill would endure when he initially came on the music scene in 1979 as a member of the country rock group Pure Prairie League.

Every time he lets go with his strong vocal, the crowds roar in delight, and his performances are absolutely unique.

Gill has released more than 20 albums and continues to win fans’ hearts across the nation. This gifted musician, who is also a devout Christian, has recently included more gospel music in his performances, and people seem to really enjoy it.

Because they knew he was about to put on a memorable performance, the crowd was ecstatic to watch him perform on the Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

However, the managers warned him to refrain from singing any references to Jesus in his religious songs.

Instead of following instructions and taking the stage, Gill chose to follow his instincts and do something absolutely unique that got everyone on their feet.

Soon, the setting was filled with the stirring and moving tune and lyrics of “Why Me Lord.” Gill’s vocal prowess worked wonders on the song, which Kris Kristofferson first sang and recorded in 1972.

He received standing ovations, and the performance’s footage was soon circulated online.

We all praise Gill for staying true to his faith and we thank him for the great music he has given to us over the years.