John Ritter’s 2 grownup sons look just like him and have followed in their dad’s footsteps

Throughout his career, the late actor was adored by many. Ritter was most known for his appearances on Three’s Company, Problem Child, and 8 Simple Rules before his death in 2003.

He died abruptly of aortic dissection (a growing rip in the aorta) that was initially misdiagnosed as a heart attack just a few days before his 55th birthday.

Ritter is survived by his wife and two boys, Jason and Tyler Ritter. It’s been nearly 20 years after his death, and Jason and Tyler are now adults. They have their own families, and they happen to look just like their father.

Jason Ritter, aged 43, is married and has one child with his wife. He went on to become an actor, with several roles in both film and television.

“The main thing I continue to pass down, which was a huge thing from my dad and mom, is how they always made sure we knew we were loved,” he told ET Canada in 2020, adding that “the feeling of being loved, unconditionally, is so important.”

Tyler is 38 years old and the father of two children. He, like his father and brother, became actors and is the star of The McCarthys. Tyler is married to Lelia Parma, and they have two children: Benjamin, born in 2017, and Magnolia, born in 2020.

These two brothers are still in their early twenties and have a long future ahead of them. They are currently making their way in the entertainment industry. Who can say? Maybe they’ll be as famous as their Emmy-winning father one day!

Tyler and Jason grew up to be exact replicas of John Ritter. We miss the late actor terribly, and we’re confident that if he had lived, he would have entertained us for many years.

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