Teen Daughter Opts for Cheating Dad over Heartbroken Mom, Returns to Her Years Later for Money

A mother lost custody of her daughter after she decided to divorce her spouse due to his infidelity. The daughter eventually stopped wanting to see the woman because she thought she was terrible. The daughter didn’t get in touch with her mom again until she was out of money and couldn’t afford college.

A woman who married a wealthy man thought she was fortunate to have someone aid her family out. Not only would he lavish her parents with expensive gifts, but he also cleared her sister’s credit card debt and put her brother in touch with a reputable business that offered to hire him with a high salary.
Her husband’s in-law adored him and frequently stood by him during trying periods in their union, including the first time he strayed. The wife had just given birth to their child, Kelly, at the time. She wanted to leave her marriage despite feeling vulnerable.

But she was persuaded to forgive the man by her relatives. They cited Kelly’s need to grow up in a stable family with two parents as justification for remaining. The woman stayed after listening to her relatives. She also convinced herself that because she was pregnant at the time, she couldn’t be the best wife.
Kelly’s spouse had a second affair when she was about 12 years old. She had already made up her mind to get a divorce at that point. Her in-laws disagreed because they didn’t want their family to be associated with a scandal. In order to maintain access to her husband’s generosity and goodwill, her parents shared the same emotions.

She nevertheless filed for divorce, losing custody of her child in the process. Her husband had the resources to get the best attorneys, and he even had the support of his in-laws. The woman got alimony and a substantial settlement on her end.

She made an effort to stay in touch with her daughter and set aside time for visits. But Kelly saw her as a horrible person because of her in-laws and her parents. They accused her mother of being a hypocrite for not pardoning her father despite his repentance. As a result, Kelly believed her mother was awful when she was a teenager and avoided her.

Kelly Only Reconnected with Her Mother for Money
She turned to her best friend Tina for support during her difficult moments. She referred to Tina as her best friend and rock, saying that she might not have survived without her. The mom maintained her contact with her daughter over the years.

While the woman agreed to support her daughter’s grad school tuition, Kelly had to sign a contract giving up her position as her mom’s heir, as noted in the woman’s will.
She also put a lot of effort into starting over, studied accounting, and found a well-paying career. Her ex-husband, meanwhile, had the opposite kind of luck. He was not only let go but also sued by one of the workers. Despite having financial difficulties, he didn’t alter his way of life and spent all of his money, including Kelly’s college expenses.

The Woman Wanted to Leave Her Assets to Her Goddaughter, Not Her Daughter
Kelly then yearned to talk to her mother once more. I won’t lie and pretend I wasn’t stung by the idea that her only desire for my money was to touch me, the woman said. Although Kelly’s mother agreed to cover her graduate tuition, she insisted that she sign a document surrendering her right to inherit from her mother as specified in the mother’s will.
The woman wanted Laura, Tina’s daughter, who had become more of a daughter in recent years, to inherit the most of her estate and possessions. Her goddaughter is Laura.
Her family thinks the woman’s proposal would jeopardize her friendship with Kelly. The woman, however, doesn’t want to believe that her connection with Kelly is merely materialistic and motivated by money.

Was the mother’s decision to leave her goddaughter all she owned correct? Or should she have given everything to her daughter, who was only interested in reconnecting because she had no money left over for tuition?