Mom wanted to orphan newborn with Down syndrome — but loving dad raises the boy on his own

Every year, about 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome, a condition caused by extra chromosomes, which affects a baby’s body and brain development. Often called “sunny,” because of their lovable, bright personalities, children with Down syndrome bring a great deal of happiness to their families and friends.

But instead of feeling happiness and love, one mother felt burdened by her newborn’s condition and wanted to dump the baby in foster care.

However, the loving father had different plans and chose Mishka over his wife, because, “leaving my son in an orphanage, that would be inhumane.”

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Keep reading to learn more about the doting dad who lost his wife but gained an adorable child!

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Less than two minutes after the adorable Mishka was born, doctors told his parents: “I fear that your baby has Down Syndrome.”

His mom, who has not been named, immediately retracted while his new dad, Evgeny “John” Anisimov, then 33, refused to give into the fear of having a special son.

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“I remember that upon learning that my son has Down syndrome, I left the hospital and cried, but not for long. Later, I was a little embarrassed by these tears,” Evgeny shared. “Everything happened as I planned; my son was born. But the child is special, his life and future destiny are already very significant…it is my responsibility…You wanted a child, so you [take] responsibility for it.”

That evening, Evgeny burned through the internet, arming himself with information about Mishka’s condition.

He learned that people with Down syndrome are “well-socialized, can live and work independently.”

“He’s going to enjoy the sunrise, I’m going to take him out to barbecue, he’s going to live his life.” Evgeny continued, “He will have his own life. At no time did I think of leaving my son in an orphanage, that would be inhumane.”

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His now ex-wife, with whom Evgeny said he shared a “good and trusting relationship,” wasn’t up for the challenge of raising a child with Down syndrome. She expected that her and her husband would drop Mishka in foster care.  

But the birth of Mishka brought out Evgeny’s inner warrior and he was ready to battle for his baby boy.

“I am a kind type, I’m used to giving in to everything, adjusting. Friends even ironically called me ‘dominated,’” Evgeny said of his relationship with his ex-wife. “I was even ready for a conflict, I tried to convince her that we could overcome this situation. And the conflict separated us. Now I understand that she was just scared at the time, she started to act according to the wrong scenario, and by then…it was too late to retreat from the scenario.”

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The devoted dad divorced his wife and now raises little Mishka alone, oftentimes with the help of his mother.

“My mother helps me and I can have time for myself, which is very important. I would advise all husbands to help their wives because although parenting is very interesting, it’s also a very hard thing,” he said.

Adding to his busy calendar that’s filled with activities for six-year-old Mishka, like swimming lessons and speech therapy, the doting dad is also an advocate for special needs children, raising funds for research and parental education, and building awareness.

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“When a child is born, he asks the outside world: ‘Am I needed here or not?’ And I answer with certainty: ‘Son, you are needed!’ Being with him, even alone, is a normal act for a normal man. I emphasize – I am a normal man, not some kind of hero.” Evgeny continued, “I lost my wife, but I am happy with the changes. My son is a very good and open kid like every other kid of his age, he loves me, and it shows.”

We think Evgeny is a hero! Every child deserves to be loved and little Mishka is very fortunate to have Evgeny as a dad.

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