Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Swears by One Soul-Destroying Bicep Workout That Gave Him His Trademark Hercules Hands

Having spent over two decades in Wrestling and Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson has made a name for himself around the world. While the actor is widely known for his on-screen personas, such as Luke Hobbs in Fast & Furious, he is also known among the WWE fans as The Rock. He also keeps his fans updated about his upcoming projects and his life through social media.

Johnson, who is a fitness enthusiast, also motivates his fans and millions of followers to embrace a healthy lifestyle via his social media. And he once again took to his Instagram to share an intense bicep routine, encouraging his followers to give it a shot.

Dwayne Johnson Shared Bicep Finisher Workout

Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson is widely known not only for his on-screen performances but also for being a WWE Champion and his love for fitness and workouts. The wrestler-turned-actor keeps everything measured when it comes to his fitness routine, whether it’s the hours-long intense workout or his diet.

Dwayne Johnson

Known for constantly sharing fitness tips and workout routines, the Jumanji star recently shared a bicep workout with his Instagram followers. “We got down like animals in the hot jungle Iron Paradise today,” he said in the post’s caption.

The routine includes him performing Zottman curls using a twist on standard bicep curls, as he advised his followers to do four sets until failure, which is believed to increase the possibility of muscle growth. The actor also suggested keeping it “slow and always in control” as it includes multiple grips.

“Multiple supinate, pronate, neutral grips throughout the moment,” he mentioned in his Instagram caption before adding, “This burns like a MF. Give it a shot,” and encouraged his followers to finish their week strong.

Dwayne Johnson Thanks Fans After WWE Return

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

The Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson recently made a surprise return to WWE during the WWE SmackDown. A clip shared by the official X (Twitter) account of WWE shows him meeting The Peacemaker star John Cena as he welcomed him back, and the two hugged it out, which was followed by audience cheers.

His return to WWE after a four-year hiatus has caused a buzz among his fans, and the Jungle Cruise star recently took to X (Twitter) to thank his fans for their love and support. “I’ll raise a glass to breaking records together,” he said in a series of tweets while thanking his fans for the unforgettable memories and the insane crowd reactions.