Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Shut Down His Competitor With a Stern Warning After a Cheap Shot at XFL

"You are hiding behind the corporate walls and a computer": Dwayne Johnson Shut Down His Competitor With a Stern Warning After a Cheap Shot at XFL

In the exhilarating world of sports and entertainment, few luminaries radiate as brilliantly as Dwayne Johnson affectionately dubbed The Rock. Beyond his illustrious wrestling and Hollywood journeys, the 51-year-old has ventured into a fresh arena, the revival of the XFL (Extreme Football League). Yet, this undertaking hasn’t been devoid of its fair share of turmoil.

Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson Delivered A Cold Shot To XFL Competitor’s Actions

In the domain of sports and entertainment, few figures commanded the attention and admiration that Dwayne Johnson, famously known as The Rock, did. Beyond his legendary wrestling and successful Hollywood career, he embarked on a remarkable journey, resurrecting the XFL.

The XFL had completed its inaugural season; the league had experienced tremendous growth, and many fans were motivated by the content.

Dwayne JohnsonThe Rock

Johnson was proud and happy that his vision of having a different football league had progressed greatly. However, a rival football league took a shot at the XFL, and The Rock issued a stern warning against it.

The United States Football League, aka USFL, launched an advertisement that indirectly targeted the XFL. Johnson didn’t seem happy about this comment.

The USFL, which debuted in 2022, returned on April 15. The league released commercials promoting its new season by taking a dig at the other league, implying that, “This is the USFL, reborn from the OGs. This isn’t some Hollywood knockoff.”

Further, Johnson spoke with USA Today and was asked about the USFL’s new commercial and the insults toward the XFL. He said that both leagues engaged in entertaining their fans and were connected to Hollywood in some form. The actor stated,

“We’re all in entertainment and all connected to Hollywood, so I thought that ad – we got a big laugh out of that ad. Also, it’s much easier to talk trash when you’re hiding behind the corporate walls and a computer. We’re very forward-facing. We’re not hard to find.”

Nevertheless, The Rock became the co-owner of the XFL in 2020 after purchasing it for $15 million from Vince McMahon. However, in a recent revelation, it appears that he faced challenges as the XFL league experienced a smackdown and suffered losses.

Dwayne Johnson’s XFL Faces A Severe Financial Setback

 Dwayne JohnsonXFL owner, Dwayne Johnson

In the ever-evolving land of sports, Johnson has consistently proven his mettle. However, his recent venture into professional football with the XFL (Extreme Football League) encountered a formidable financial hurdle.

The Rock, celebrated in Hollywood as one of its leading figures, found his foray into the sports domain with the XFL League proving to be a costly endeavor. 

Forbes has reported potential losses of up to $60 million. In 2020, Johnson, along with his business partner and ex-wife, Dany Garcia, Disney, and RedBird Capital Partners, acquired the bankrupt league for $25.3 million.

Johnson’s motivation was clear, to provide an opportunity for players like himself, who possess talent and skill, but fall short of reaching the NFL

Despite the XFL helping 27 players achieve their NFL dreams, the alternative league faced an estimated $60 million loss in 2023 alone, as reported by Forbes.

While Johnson is no stranger to surmounting challenges, the XFL’s struggles underscore the unpredictable nature of the sports industry.

As the league strives to recover from this setback, it will put both The Rock and the XFL’s vision to the test, revealing the resilience and determination needed to navigate the complex world of sports.