Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Surprised The World When He Suddenly Gave The Longtime Stuntman A New Custom Ford F150 Truck for Christmas

The action star & Ford truck owner knows the perfect gift to make a grown man cry. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one cool guy. Not only does turn out crazy fun action films, he’s a true-blue Ford truck fan who loves to spread the pickup joy around. Johnson posted this video to his Instagram account where he surprised his cousin and longtime stunt double Tanoai Reed with a brand new custom lifted Ford truck.

Reed has worked with Johnson on multiple film projects. He recently suffered an injury on the set of a film, and after some time recovering has returned to work. Johnson channels his inner Allen Funt and tells Reed that they’re making a short film to talk about their history together.  As the two are chatting a truck pulls away, revealing a sweet Ford pickup with a bow on it behind them.

“From the bottom of my heart I love you, I thank you,” Johnson says. “And enjoy your new truck.”

He motions for Reed to look behind him, and when Reed puts it together, his reaction is absolutely priceless. Reed is first shocked, speechless, giddy, and he, naturally, gets choked up. The two big dudes hug, and then check out the sweet ride.

We should mention that Johnson (who has 2 custom Ford F-150’s himself) has long been generous with giving away cars and trucks. He gifted his uncle a Ford F-150, surprised a veteran with a new 2018 Mustang, and gave his father a new Ford Explorer for Christmas.

This is one big buy with an even bigger heart.