Single Mom Gets a Fresh Start with Unexpected Act of Kindness from Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy

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Bethany Provencher, a single mom raising an 11-year-old boy, made a bold decision to turn a new leaf in life. After spending 18 years in Miami, she packed her belongings and headed to St. Charles, Illinois, seeking a fresh start.

With 25 years of experience in the customer service industry, Bethany quickly secured a job as a server at the local IHOP. She found a new apartment but had limited funds to furnish it.

One day, while at work, Bethany had an unexpected encounter with two familiar faces: singer-songwriter Donnie Wahlberg and his wife, Jenny McCarthy. Being a fan of Donnie’s music, Bethany was thrilled to have them as her customers, but what she didn’t anticipate was the incredible turn of events that followed.

After enjoying their meal, Donnie and Jenny settled the bill, which amounted to $35.27, and left a heartwarming message on the receipt: “Thanks, Bethany, Happy New Year. 2020 Tip Challenge.” Along with the message, they left an astonishing tip of $2,020.

Donnie and Jenny requested that Bethany not open the receipt until after they had departed. When she finally had the chance to read the message, her heart soared at the sight of the generous tip. Bethany was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Acts of kindness like this one have the power to brighten anyone’s day.

To learn more about this heartwarming story, watch the video below.