Meet Luke Thiull: The 13-Year-Old Who Built His Dream House in His Parents’ Backyard

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Luke Thiull, a remarkable 13-year-old from Iowa, stands out as a teenager with a unique passion and drive. While most kids his age are occupied with various interests, Luke embarked on an extraordinary journey to create his own haven right in his parents’ backyard. This ambitious project, which cost around $1,500 USD, resulted in a charming little house that Luke proudly calls his own.

In an era dominated by smartphones, iPads, and cutting-edge gaming systems, Luke’s decision to embark on a more traditional endeavor is truly commendable. He shares his journey and motivation on his YouTube channel, where he talks about his desire to build a small house and how boredom played a significant role in fueling his determination.

After careful planning and research, Luke began his project, and it took him approximately a year to gather the necessary funds and materials. He took on various jobs, mowed lawns, and even conducted online fundraisers to raise money for his dream house. Additionally, Luke’s resourcefulness shines through, as he used about 75% recycled materials, many of which were leftover items from his grandma’s house. The front door was a generous gift from a friend of his uncle.

The resulting house spans approximately 89 square feet and measures 10 feet in length by around 5 ½ feet in width. It boasts electricity but lacks plumbing, which means there’s no toilet, sink, or shower just yet. For Luke, minimalism and freedom from a hefty mortgage were driving factors behind his project.

Throughout the process, Luke documented his journey through short videos posted on YouTube, attracting the curiosity of viewers eager to learn about his motivations and experiences. While he received support from his parents, it was essential to Luke’s father, Greg, that his son paid for most of the project himself. According to Greg, this endeavor provided Luke with valuable life lessons and an opportunity to do something beyond the realm of video games and sports.

The result is a teenager’s dream house, a tranquil sanctuary equipped with a microwave, TV, and a loft featuring a bed. There’s even a BBQ grill in the backyard. Luke dedicates time to homework in his cozy haven after school, and, on occasion, he spends the night there too.

Looking ahead, Luke already has dreams of building another, slightly larger house for when he begins college. His ultimate goal is to inspire others, especially kids his age, to believe that building something incredible is entirely within reach.

Have a look at this project below:

Luke’s story serves as a powerful reminder of what a determined young mind can achieve with a clear goal, unwavering work ethic, and the support of loving parents.

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